Carbon Tax Repeal Bills Passed By House Of Representatives

The bills to repeal the previous Labor government’s carbon tax have been passed by the House of Representatives.

Third Reading

The third reading of the eleven bills took place at 4.08pm today. The final vote was passed on the voices. In a near-deserted chamber, the Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, was congratulated by his colleagues.

Earlier in the day, the House had voted 84-54 on the second reading of the bills. Amendments moved by the ALP were ruled out of order by the Speaker, Bronwyn Bishop. A motion of dissent from her ruling was defeated.

Following the passage of the bills, Prime Minister Tony Abbott sent an email to party members and supporters. Click the image to enlarge:


Opposition Leader Bill Shorten also emailed Labor members and supporters. Click the image to enlarge:


The bills will now go to the Senate where they are likely to be defeated. The legislation is likely to pass the Senate after July 1, 2014, when newly-elected Senators take their seats.

Today’s vote comes just short of two years since the Gillard government’s carbon tax legislation received Royal Assent.

Joint press release from Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Environment Minister Greg Hunt.

The Coalition Government is keeping its promise to scrap the carbon tax.

The people of Australia voted against the Carbon Tax and the House of Representatives has now joined them.

This was an important vote for Australian families because repealing the Carbon Tax will create a stronger economy with more jobs and saves families $550 a year on average.

The people of Australia have been left in no doubt about who wants to bring down their household power bills and who doesn’t.

All Coalition MPs lived up to their promise to scrap the jobs destroying carbon tax but every Labor MP voted to keep the carbon tax.

It may have a different leader but it’s the same old Labor Party.

Since the election, Labor has been saying it is ‘as one with the government’ on repealing the carbon tax. Today Labor had the chance to prove it but once again confirmed that it can never be trusted to keep its word.

Labor is not ‘as one’ with the Government. Labor is still ‘as one’ with Julia Gillard and the Greens.

If Labor decides to vote against the repeal of the Carbon Tax in the Senate, it will be clear proof that Labor has not changed under Bill Shorten.

All that stands between Australian families and $550 is ‘Electricity Bill’ Shorten.

All that stands between strengthening the economy, boosting jobs and manufacturing is ‘Electricity Bill’ Shorten.

The Government will not stop until the carbon tax is gone. It’s time for Labor to step up and help Australian families and businesses by scrapping the Carbon Tax.

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