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Election Funding Rate To Increase To $2.52 Per Vote

The election funding payment is to increase to $2.52 per vote on January 1.

Election funding is provided to candidates who poll at least 4% of the primary vote in House of Representatives and Senate elections.

The Australian Electoral Commission announced the increase today. In a media statement it said:

“The amount of election funding payable is calculated by multiplying the number of formal first preference votes received by the rate of payment applicable at the time. This rate is indexed every six months in line with increases in the Consumer Price Index.

“The election funding rate from 1 January 2014 to 30 June 2014 is 252.781 cents per eligible vote.”

The table below shows the rates that have applied since public funding of elections was introduced by the Hawke government at the 1984 federal election:

Historical rates of Election Funding
Election Rate
2013 federal election
248.800 cents
2010 federal election
231.191 cents
2009 Bradfied & Higgins by-elections
224.851 cents
2008 Lyne & Mayo by-elections
218.940 cents
2008 Gippsland by-election
214.018 cents
2007 federal election
210.027 cents
2004 federal election
194.397 cents
2001 federal election
179.026 cents
1998 federal election
162.210 cents
1996 federal election
157.594 cents
1993 federal election
100.787 cents per House of Representatives vote
50.393 cents per Senate vote
1990 federal election
91.223 cents per House of Representatives vote
45.611 cents per Senate vote
1987 federal election
76.296 cents per House of Representatives vote
38.148 cents per Senate vote
1984 federal election
61.2 cents per House of Representatives vote
30.6 cents per Senate vote

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