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Code Of Conduct For Asylum Seekers Living In Australia: Full Text

This is the full text of the code of conduct for asylum seekers living in Australia.

The code was gazetted last week by the federal government and came into force on December 14.

Text of Code of Conduct for asylum seekers living in Australia.

This Code of Behaviour contains a list of expectations about how you will behave at all times while in Australia. It does not contain all your rights and duties under Australian law. If you are found to have breached the Code of Behaviour, you could have your income support reduced, or your visa may be cancelled. If your visa is cancelled, you will be returned to immigration detention and may be transferred to an offshore processing centre.

• You must not disobey any Australian laws including Australian road laws; you must cooperate with all lawful instructions given to you by police and other government officials;

• You must not make sexual contact with another person without that person’s consent, regardless of their age; you must never make sexual contact with someone under the age of consent;

• You must not take part in, or get involved in any kind of criminal behaviour in Australia, including violence against any person, including your family or government officials; deliberately damage property; give false identity documents or lie to a government official;

• You must not harass, intimidate or bully any other person or group of people or engage in any antisocial or disruptive activities that are inconsiderate, disrespectful or threaten the peaceful enjoyment of other members of the community;

• You must not refuse to comply with any health undertaking provided by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection or direction issued by the Chief Medical Officer (Immigration) to undertake treatment for a health condition for public health purposes;

• You must co-operate with all reasonable requests from the department or its agents in regard to the resolution of your status, including requests to attend interviews or to provide or obtain identity and/or travel documents.

I, __________[name to be written]_______ ______________________________________ agree to abide by this Code of Behaviour while I am living in Australia on a Bridging E visa. I understand that if I do not abide by the Code of Behaviour my income support may be reduced or ceased, or my visa may be cancelled and I will be returned to immigration detention.

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