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Commission Of Audit Interrogated By Senate Select Committee

Last updated on December 20, 2023

Members of the Abbott government’s Commission of Audit appeared before a Senate Select Committee today.

Senate Select Committee Inquiry

The Commission of Audit was established by the government on October 13.

On December 11, the Senate established a Select Committee to inquire into the Commission of Audit and any reports it makes to the government.

The Commission’s chairman, Tony Shepherd, made an opening statement to the hearing. Over four hours, he and other members of the commission took questions from the committee in what was a wide-ranging and largely unproductive fishing expedition.

Tony Shepherd, Chairman, Commission of Audit

  • Listen to Shepherd’s opening statement (7m)
  • Listen to Committee’s entire hearing (225m)

The Select Committee is chaired by Greens Senator Richard Di Natale. It includes three ALP members (Kate Lundy, Sue Lines and Sam Dastyari) and three Liberal members (Cory Bernardi, David Bushby and Dean Smith).

Senator Sam Dastyari

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