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Hockey Gives Audit Commission Extra Fortnight For First Report

The Federal Treasurer, Joe Hockey, has extended the Commission of Audit’s first reporting date by two weeks.

The Commission requested an extension of its January 31 deadline.

Text of media release from Treasurer Joe Hockey.

Commission of Audit’s phase one reporting date

The Federal Government has granted a request from the Commission of Audit to extend its reporting date for the phase one report by up to two weeks.

The Government originally asked the group to deliver its recommendations in a short time frame by January 31st 2014. The Commission has advised the Government that while it has made considerable progress in preparing the report, it would require a short extension.

This Commission is the most comprehensive Government review of spending in a generation. It is an essential step in getting the Budget back under control and ensuring the Government lives within its means.

The Government has granted this extension on the basis that it is important for this report to be as comprehensive as possible.

It is essential that the Commonwealth Government live within its means and begin to pay down Labor’s debt, currently projected to rise to $667 billion if no action is taken.

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