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Hodgman Says Tasmanian Liberals Are Ready To Govern; Offers First 100 Days Plan

Will Hodgman, the Tasmanian Leader of the Opposition, has released a plan for the first one hundred days of government if the Liberal Party wins the March 15 election.


The First 100 Days Plan is shown below.

  • Listen to Hodgman’s speech (in progress – 14m)

Statement from Will Hodgman, Leader of the Opposition, Tasmanian Liberal Party leader.

Liberals are ready to govern

Today I released our First 100 Days Implementation Plan, should we be elected to govern on March 15.

This election is the most important election in a generation.

Tasmanians have a clear choice at this election: a choice to change the direction our State is heading in, a choice for a brighter future – or more of the same.

We can’t fix the challenges our State faces overnight, which is why we have released a comprehensive Plan for Tasmania’s future.

Our First 100 Days Implementation Plan outlines how we will set about delivering on our plan.

  • We will deliver strong and stable majority government;
  • We will build a modern economy and create jobs;
  • We will cut red and Green tape to encourage investment;
  • We will fix the budget; and,
  • We will rebuild essential services.

On day one, I will meet with the heads of the Premier’s Department, and Treasury, for a comprehensive briefing on the State’s finances, and to outline the new Government’s agenda.

In the first week, I’ll issue a whole-of-government directive to make reducing the unemployment rate to the national average the Government’s number one priority, and we’ll commence the process of planning reform, rebuilding our timber industry, and recruiting 108 new police.

In our first 30 days, we’ll commence the drafting of key legislation to crack down on illegal forest protestors, write to all regional high schools inviting expressions of interest to be the first to extend to year 12, and we’ll commence the process to reintroduce an international shipping service.

In our first 100 days, Parliament will be recalled to begin implementing our legislative agenda, we’ll call for expressions of interest for development in the state national parks, and we’ll commence the process to abolish suspended sentences.

And in our first Budget, we’ll implement our remaining commitments.

The full detail can be found in our First 100 Days Implementation Plan – click here to read the policy.

Only the Liberals have a Plan for Tasmania’s future, and only a majority Liberal Government can do it.

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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