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Lara Giddings Launches ALP Election Campaign In Tasmania

Last updated on February 1, 2024

The Labor Premier of Tasmania, Lara Giddings, has launched the ALP’s campaign for the state election on March 15.


Giddings was introduced by the Deputy Premier, Bryan Green, and the federal Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten.

She promised to replace the Schoolkids bonus abolished by the Abbott government with a state scheme worth $14 million.

Her voice failing as her speech progressed, Giddings implored voters to re-elect a majority Labor government. Claiming Tasmania needed people who care more about people than trees, she distanced herself from the Greens who have been her coalition partners in government over the past four years. In his speech, Bryan Green tore up a piece of paper with the Greens logo on it.

Giddings and Shorten both warned of a Liberal government that would emulate the policies of Tony Abbott and the Queensland Premier, Campbell Newman. Giddings also attacked the Palmer United Party, which polls show could win one or two seats, comparing Clive Palmer to Pauline Hanson. “Once he loses interest in politics, he’ll just move onto something else. He’ll leave behind a mess and the fragments of his party, just like another Queenslander in Pauline Hanson did.”


The Labor government has been in office since 1998 under premiers Jim Bacon, Paul Lennon, David Bartlett and Giddings. It has been in coalition with the Greens since the 2010 election. The ALP and the Liberals each won 10 seats in the election, whilst the Greens won 5.

Polls show the ALP polling less than 30% of the vote and facing defeat on March 15.

  • Listen to Bryan Green (22m)
  • Listen to Bill Shorten (20m)
  • Listen to Lara Giddings (36m)
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