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Tasmanian Election: Giddings And Hodgman Meet In Televised Forum

Tasmania’s Labor Premier, Lara Giddings, and the Liberal Opposition Leader, Will Hodgman, have met in a televised forum, just nine days before the state election.


The forum was telecast on Sky News and moderated by Kieran Gilbert.

The two leaders took questions from an audience of purported swinging voters chosen by a polling company.

The Labor government is facing defeat at the March 15 election. After winning office in 1998 under the late Jim Bacon, the ALP won three more elections. Lara Giddings is the fourth premier after Bacon, Paul Lennon and David Bartlett. In 2010 she was forced into a coalition with the Greens. Giddings dissolved and disowned the coalition arrangement in January.


Will Hodgman is the longest-serving party leader in the nation, having been elected leader in 2006.


  • Listen to the forum (62m)
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Malcolm Farnsworth
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