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ALP To Launch Online Labor Herald News Service; Mainstream Media Filtering Criticised

The ALP is to launch a daily email news service in response to what it says is filtering by the mainstream media.

In an email to ALP members and supporters, the party’s National Secretary, George Wright, said the service would be called “Labor Herald”: “You’ve told us that you can see the Labor message isn’t making it through the mainstream media and we have to produce our own news service.”

Wright said the ALP will spend around $95,000 a year to find someone – “hopefully a news journalist with experience online” – to produce a free daily bulletin for anyone who signs up. He describes the venture as “a bit like Labor’s own Crikey”.

The bulletin will contain “handy facts, interesting articles and video”, said Wright. “It will be no nonsense and it won’t be filtered through the mainstream media.”

The ALP is asking for 350 “foundation subscribers” to donate $22.60 a month to fund the venture.

“Our editor will be in charge of finding the very best content submitted by the public and making sure it gets published,” Wright said.

The ALP used to publish a monthly newspaper called the “Labor Herald”.

Email from ALP National Secretary George Wright to ALP members and supporters.

[Click the image to view the email in a pop-up window.] Wright
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Malcolm Farnsworth
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