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Kevin Rudd Appears At Home Insulation Royal Commission: Argument Over Cabinet Secrecy

The former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has appeared at the Royal Commission into his government’s home insulation scheme.

Rudd took the stand just after 5pm. The Commission adjourned at about 6.15pm without any substantive testimony from Rudd.

Instead, the Royal Commissioner, Ian Hanger QC, and lawyers debated whether Cabinet confidentiality applied to Rudd’s testimony. A heavily redacted version of a 31-page statement by Rudd was tendered to the hearing. Cabinet documents relevant to the inquiry have been released by the Cabinet Office with limits on their use. In the normal course of events, Cabinet documents remain secret for at least 20 years.

Rudd’s counsel, Bret Walker SC, argued that the redacted version did not properly represent Rudd’s testimony. He said the government was sponsoring the allegations but wouldn’t release the documents which establish Rudd’s case in defence.

The Royal Commission is investigating the Rudd government’s planning and implementation of the home insulation scheme, including the deaths of four young men who died whilst installing insulation.

  • Listen to the Royal Commission proceedings (60m)
  • Watch the proceedings (59m)
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