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Daniel Andrews Commits To Passing Victorian Budget; Calls On Napthine To Consult Governor

The Victorian Leader of the Opposition, Daniel Andrews, said tonight he wants Premier Denis Napthine to join him in calling on the Victorian Governor to seek a solution to the political crisis besetting the government. He says the ALP will pass the Budget but did not commit himself to a position on moving a motion of no-confidence.


Andrews said that tomorrow morning he will refer claims by Napthine that Geoff Shaw demanded a particular judicial appointment to the Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC).

Andrews said he wanted to meet with Napthine at 11am tomorrow morning and proposed that the two of them call upon the Governor, Alex Chernov, to seek his advice on how to resolve the crisis.

Andrews said: “I will meet with Napthine at 11am and make clear to him that Labor will pass his Budget. I will also make it clear that the most appropriate thing for us to do is for both of us to visit the Governor and see how this constitutional crisis might be resolved.”

Andrews call upon Napthine to put the interests of the people above his own political interests. He said: “It’s become each and every day, more and more obvious that this isn’t the government the people voted for three years ago… We are not getting the leadership we desperately need.”

The coming days “are not a time for political gamesmanship”, Andrews said. He said he didn’t fear the verdict of the people of Victoria. “My obligation is to give them a choice.”

This is “undoubtedly a constitutional crisis”, Andrews said. “This is a shambolic and chaotic government…We should put the people first and seek the Governor’s advice.”

  • Listen to Andrews (21m)
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