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Denis Napthine Moves To Suspend Geoff Shaw Until September 2

The Victorian Premier, Denis Napthine, has given notice of a motion he intends to move tomorrow that would result in the suspension of Geoff Shaw until September 2.


The motion seeks to have the Speaker “name” Shaw. It suspends him without pay for 11 sitting days. It requires Shaw to repay $6838.44 for improper use of his parliamentary vehicle and parliamentary entitlements. It instructs him to apologise to the Legislative Assembly and to the people of Victoria.

The motion provides for Shaw to be expelled if he does not comply with its requirements.

Napthine gave notice of the motion after the Legislative Assembly today passed three Appropriation Bills that constituted the government’s Budget. He also held a press conference to explain the government’s intentions.

Earlier, at the start of Question Time, the government refused leave for Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews to move a motion to bring on an immediate consideration of the Privileges Committee report on Shaw. The ALP wants Shaw expelled. Andrews described Napthine’s move as a “wet lettuce”.

Attention will now turn to the former Speaker, the Liberal member for Bass, Ken Smith, who has indicated he will support Labor’s move to expel Shaw.

If Smith votes to expel Shaw, a by-election in Frankston will take place. A Labor victory would deadlock the House and see the government lose its majority on the floor.

    • Listen Denis Napthine’s press conference (30m)
    • Listen to Daniel Andrews seek leave to move his motion (2m)
    • Listen to Question Time in the Legislative Assembly (54m)

Text of Premier Denis Napthine’s motion to suspend Geoff Shaw.

That this house –

  1. notes the Special Reports of the Legislative Assembly Privileges Committee “investigation into the improper Disclosure of a Committee Document” dated February 2014 and “investigation into the Improper Disclosure of Committee Deliberations” dated March 2014;

  2. notes the report of the Legislative Assembly Privileges Committee “Inquiry in relation to recommendation 2 of the Ombudsman’s report “Whistleblowers Protection Act 2002: Investigation into allegations against Mr. Geoff Shaw MP” dated May 2014;

  3. orders the Member for Frankston to repay $5,220.75 for the improper use of his parliamentary vehicle and fuel card to the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly by 1pm on 2 September, 2014;

  4. orders the Member for Frankston to pay an additional $1,617.69 for misuse of his parliamentary entitlements to the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly by 1pm on 2 September, 2014;

  5. instructs the Member for Frankston to apologize to the House and to the people of Victoria for his breach of the Code of Conduct for Members as set out in Section 3 of the Members of Parliament (Register of Interests) Act 1978;

  6. requires the Speaker to name the Member for Frankston for not complying with the Code of Conduct;

  7. resolves that the Member for Frankston not be permitted any interstate or overseas travel funded by his electorate budget while he is suspended;

  8. further notes that if the Member for Frankston does not comply fully with items (3) and (4) of this motion by 1pm on 2 September 2014 and that if the member for Frankston does not apologise appropriately to the House for that failure on 2 September 2014, that he will be in contempt of the Legislative Assembly and that the Legislative Assembly will move to expel him;

  9. refers to Victoria Police the Privileges Committee reports set out in paragraph 1 of this motion for investigation;

  10. requests the Speaker to write to the Premier asking that the Government considers the legislative changes outlined in Recommendations 2 of the Privileges Committee Report of May 2014; and

  11. refers Recommendation 3 of the Privileges Committee report of May 2014 to the Standing Orders Committee of the Legislative Assembly.

Text of motion by the Leader of the Opposition, Daniel Andrews.

I seek leave to move:

That so much of standing orders be suspended such that would prevent the House from immediately moving to consider the Privileges Committee Report into the Inquiry in relation to recommendation 2 of the Ombudsman’s report Whistleblowers Protection act 2001: Investigation into allegations against Mr Geoff Shaw MP.

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