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Tasmanian Liberal Senator Stephen Parry Elected President Of The Senate

Senator Stephen Parry has been elected President of the Senate.

Parry, a Liberal senator from Tasmania, replaces ALP Senator John Hogg, who held the post since 2008 and retired on June 30.

A former policeman, funeral director and embalmer, Parry was first elected to the Senate at the 2004 federal election.

Parry defeated Greens Senator Scott Ludlam by 63 votes to 10 in a ballot this morning. There were 2 informal votes and Senator Catryna Bilyk was marked as absent.

The Manager of Government Business, Senator Mitch Fifield, said: “President Parry becomes the 24th president of the Senate since Federation, the fourth from Tasmania and, at 53, one of the youngest presidents in the history of the Senate. Senator Parry, as the most senior officer in the Australian Senate, becomes, with the Speaker, the third-highest-ranked office-holder in the Commonwealth behind the Governor-General and Prime Minister.”

Parry’s election followed the swearing-in of new senators chosen in last year’s federal election.

  • Watch Parry’s election (36m)

Statement from Senator Eric Abetz, Government Leader in the Senate.

Welcome Senator Parry to role of President of the Senate

Liberal Senator for Tasmania and Leader of the Government in the Senate, Senator Eric Abetz, extended his congratulations to Tasmanian Senator Stephen Parry, who was today elected President of the Senate.

Senator Abetz said Senator Parry is regarded as someone who is impartial in the chair and who conducts himself as a Senator in the best traditions of the Senate.

“Senator Parry has a reputation as a consultative and reliable parliamentarian, from his time first as Deputy Government Whip, then as Chief Whip in both Government and Opposition, and including a stint as Manager of Opposition Business,” Senator Abetz said.

“The decision today is a reflection of the high regard in which Senator Parry is held by his colleagues in the Chamber.”

In congratulating Senator Parry, Senator Abetz said he knew it was proud moment for Senator Parry’s family, and for Tasmania.

Senator Parry is the 24th President of the Senate, and the fourth, to come from the State of Tasmania.

Tasmania is well-represented in the Senate with Senator Abetz in the role of Leader of the Government in the Senate, Senator David Bushby in the role of Chief Government Whip, and Senator Parry now in the role of President.

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