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My Story: Julia Gillard’s Book Launched By Quentin Bryce

Australia’s first female Governor-General today launched the memoirs of the nation’s first female prime minister.

Julia Gillard speaks at the launch of her memoirs

Julia Gillard was prime minister for 3 years and 3 days from June 23, 2010. Her 504-page book of memoirs, My Story, was published this week.

In her speech, Quentin Bryce, appointed Governor-General by Gillard’s predecessor Kevin Rudd in 2008, emphasised the example Gillard set for girls and women.

Bryce paid tribute to Gillard’s grace, courtesy, respect for protocol and her attitude of “getting on with it”.

Former Governor-General Quentin Bryce speaks at the launch of Julia Gillard’s memoirs

Gillard, fresh from a trip to New York, spoke briefly, depicting her book as a story of resilience.

Gillard made no mention of specific policy issues. She criticised journalists for their predictable responses and made it clear she did not want to feed media interest in the internal machinations of the ALP.

  • Listen to Bryce (24m)
  • Listen to Gillard (12m)
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