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Julie Bishop And Bill Shorten Speak At AFL Grand Final Breakfast

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten have joked their way through brief speeches to the AFL Grand Final Breakfast in Melbourne.

Julie Bishop at the AFL Grand Final Breakfast

Bishop joked that the last time she was in Melbourne she had been given a warm welcome by students at Melbourne University. She said Cabinet had considered who should attend the breakfast: “Tony Abbott thought it was the ARL, and Malcolm Turnbull thought it was the URL. So we decided to choose between the women… oh… um, look, moving right along…” She then took a swipe at Shorten, likening him to a football selector choosing ALP leaders.

Bill Shorten at the AFL Grand Final Breakfast

Bill Shorten said it was his grand final debut said Bishop was easily best on ground this year. “It does make you wonder how improved the Abbott cabinet would be if it had two women.”

The two politicians were introduced by Dwayne Russell.

  • Listen to Bishop (4m)
  • Listen to Shorten (4m)

Bill Shorten at the AFL Grand Final Breakfast

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