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ALP And Greens Back Palmer Motion For Select Committee Inquiry Into Queensland Government

The Senate has voted to establish a Select Committee to inquire into aspects of Queensland government administration.

The motion was moved by Palmer United Party senators and supported by the ALP and Greens. It was carried by 30 votes to 27.

The 5-member Select Committee on Certain Aspects of Queensland Government Administration will comprise 2 ALP, 1 Green, 1 PUP and 1 Coalition members. The PUP Senate leader, Glenn Lazarus, will chair the committee.

The Committee is required to report by March 27, 2015, around the time the Queensland state election is due.

The Committee is charged with inquiring into Commonwealth funds allocated to Queensland since March 26, 2012, when the LNP government led by Premier Campbell Newman took office. It will investigate judicial independence and the separation of powers, environmental law, the administration of prisons and detention without trial. The Committee will also examine Commonwealth oversight of coal seam gas projects in Queensland.

The Committee can also consider “any other matter the committee considers relevant”.

The Leader of the Government in the Senate, Senator Eric Abetz, described the motion as “disgraceful” and an “abuse of Senate process”. He said the ALP and Greens had acted as “Clive Palmer’s willing puppets”.

The motion moved by Senator Lazarus is shown below.

Media release issued on the letterhead of Clive Palmer, Leader of the Palmer United Party.

Palmer United Party Secures Senate Inquiry Into Campbell Newman

Palmer United Party senators have successfully moved for a Senate select committee to investigate the activities of Queensland Premier Campbell Newman, Queensland Senator and leader of the Palmer United Party in the Senate Glenn Lazarus said today.

“Premier Newman has made many questionable decisions since he was elected and Queenslanders deserve an honest and consistent government and leader,” Mr. Lazarus said.

“This inquiry will serve to investigate Premier Newman’s questionable tactics concerning the reformation and operation of the Parliamentary Crime and Corruption Commission.

“Premier Newman has also sought to politicise the Queensland Public Service and bring the state’s judiciary and legal process under his control.”

Mr. Lazarus said an investigation into Premier Newman was of particular importance to Queensland as, unlike every other state, Queensland’s parliament operates without a house of review.

“Queenslanders must be reassured that Premier Newman is performing his official duties appropriately,” he said.

“The people of Queensland deserve a government that is consistent, transparent and works for them, not one that keeps reneging on promises.

“This inquiry will put an end to the Premier’s abuses of power.”

Media release by Senator Eric Abetz, Leader of the Government in the Senate.

Greens Join Labor To Establish Disgraceful Inquiry Into Queensland Government

Leader of the Government in the Senate, Senator Eric Abetz, said that by voting for the Palmer United Party’s motion setting up an inquiry into the Queensland Government, the Greens today joined the Labor Party in the Senate as Clive Palmer’s willing puppets.

“Incredibly, the Greens even voted against an amendment to extend the inquiry’s scope back to the former Bligh Government – something they supported just a week ago.”

Senator Abetz said this inquiry was established in furtherance of a personal vendetta against the LNP Government, was completely undemocratic in its membership and offended the principle of comity between Parliaments.

“This inquiry makes a travesty of the Senate Committee process. It will backfire badly and come to haunt Labor, the Greens and Palmer United in Queensland.”

“Queenslanders will not take kindly to this abuse of Senate process to attack their elected Government.”

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