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Bill Shorten Appears On QandA

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has appeared on the ABC’s QandA program.

Shorten appeared solo at a venue in Penrith, in the electorate of Lindsay, currently held for the Liberal Party by Fiona Scott. The program was hosted by Tony Jones.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will apppear on the program next week.

The videos shown below were posted on YouTube by the ALP during the broadcast of the program. An email to ALP supporters following the program is also shown.

  • “Bill Shorten on events in Orlando” (44s)
  • “Bill Shorten explains our savings measures” (48s)
  • “Why we need a Royal Commission into the Banks: Shorten” (95s)

Text of email to ALP mailing list subscribers.

We have 19 days left to tell our story about putting people first.

We know our story is a good one. Tonight on ABC’s Q&A, Bill Shorten had a chance to talk with an audience of middle and working class Australians in an everyday suburban community.

When Bill talked about the importance of funding to schools and the National Disability Insurance Scheme — there was applause. When he said we will invest in our healthcare system — there was applause.

When Bill said we’re not against banks, we just don’t think they need $7.4 billion from the bottom line — there was applause.

And when he said it shouldn’t be how rich your parents are that determines your ability to get a higher education, it should be how hard you work — yes, there was applause.

We have a great story — and that gives us a chance to change Australia on 2 July.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of that. Show your support for Labor and contribute today.

Thanks for everything you do,

Erinn Swan
Head of Digital

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