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Cathy McGowan: I Voted With Government 90% Of The Time But Opposed Devastating Cuts

Cathy McGowan, the independent member for Indi, has released a television advertisement in which she “sets the record straight” on her voting record in parliament.

McGowan says she voted with the government 90% of the time but opposed “devastating cuts” to higher education, social services and youth allowance. She describes herself as local, effective and “fiercely independent”.


With the election just over a week away, it is intriguing that McGowan feels the need to point out her voting record in parliament. It indicates possible criticism in the electorate, or uneasiness over who she would support in the event of a hung parliament. There could be a sense that she is too close to the ALP and/or Greens.

McGowan, 62, won Indi by 439 votes at the 2013 election. She polled 31.18% of the primary vote, against 44.68% for the Liberal incumbent Sophie Mirabella. A strong flow of preferences from the ALP, Greens and other minor candidates delivered her 50.25% of the two-party-preferred vote. McGowan’s re-election will depend on whether she can significantly improve her primary vote.

Mirabella is contesting the seat again but is not highly favoured, especially after adverse reaction to some of her media appearances. Whilst the Nationals have not held the seat since 1977, their candidate, Marty Corboy, could be making an impact. As a possible indicator of local sentiment, long-time state Nationals MP Ken Jasper (Murray Valley 1976-2010) has returned to the Nationals fold, after supporting McGowan in 2013.

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