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Liberal Party Free Time Advertisements: 2016 Federal Election

These are four freetime advertisements for the Liberal Party, broadcast on ABC television.

The advertisements feature Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Treasurer Scott Morrison.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is statutorily obliged to provide free radio and television time to the major political parties during elections.

Watch “Helping Families” with Malcolm Turnbull (90s)

Listen to “Helping Families” (90s)

Watch “National Economic Plan” with Scott Morrison (90s)

Listen to “National Economic Plan” (90s)

  • Watch “Export Trade Deals” with Julie Bishop (90s)
  • Listen to “Export Trade Deals” (90s)
  • Watch “Australia’s Safety and Security” with Julie Bishop (90s)
  • Listen to “Australia’s Safety and Security” (90s)
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