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Census Back Online; Contrite ABS Staff Apologise And Say They’re Back On Track

The 2016 Census came back online at 2.30pm this afternoon and the Australian Bureau of Statistics has again apologised for the outage, whilst reassuring the public that the census is back on track.


The Chief Statistician, David Kalisch, and the Census Manager, Duncan Young, both gave televised statements at 5.20pm, in time for the evening news. No resignations were forthcoming.

Kalisch repeated much that was already known and said that he only agreed to put the census back online after written assurances from the Australian Signals Directorate that it was safe to do so.

Young said the ABS had continued visiting homes and other places over the past couple of days, including surveying the homeless.

  • Listen to Kalisch and Young (8m)
  • Watch the statements (8m)

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