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John Howard, Historian Of Menzies, Addresses National Press Club

Ahead of the broadcast of his television documentary on Sir Robert Menzies, former prime minister John Howard has addressed the National Press Club.


It was Howard’s 40th appearance at the Canberra press club. The documentary on Menzies will be shown on ABC television at the end of this month.

Howard spoke about the Menzies period but also commented on contemporary politics.

He said Senator Sam Dastyari had become a liability for the ALP. He also warned the major parties against embracing identity politics and cautioned against too much legislative interference in political donations.

Howard said the current government has a more difficult Senate than the one he dealt with in the 90s. He said the Greens were further to the left of even the ALP and were unwilling to negotiate the way the more centrist Democrats were.

Tony Eggleton listens to John Howard at the National Press Club

Menzies’ daughter, Heather Henderson was in the audience for Howard’s appearance, as was Menzies last press secretary, Tony Eggleton.

Listen to John Howard’s speech (13m)

Listen to Howard take questions (61m)

Watch Howard’s entire appearance (76m)

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