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Frydenberg: Energy Security Is The Government’s Number One Priority

Energy security is the federal government’s number one priority, according to Josh Frydenberg, the Minister for the Environment and Energy.


Frydenberg held a press conference this morning, following last night’s blackout across the whole of South Australia.

The minister said the blackout was a cascading event arising from the violent storm – a “once in 50 year event” – that moved across South Australia and knocked out transmission lines.

Frydenberg refuted suggestions that South Australia’s use of wind power contributed to the blackout. However, he said there were different renewable energy targets across the Australian states and this should be looked at. He drew a distinction between the base load power provided by hydro power and the intermittent power from solar and wind.

  • Listen to Frydenberg’s press conference (16m)

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill has held a press conference in Adelaide with police, health and other officials to discuss the blackout.


  • Listen to Weatherill (34m)
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