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1990 Federal Election Interviews Just Posted

I’ve just posted a new video of interviews with the political leaders during the 1990 federal election.

Six days before the election, Richard Carleton interviewed Prime Minister Bob Hawke and Treasurer Paul Keating, followed by Opposition Leader Andrew Peacock and Shadow Treasurer John Hewson.

In the light of subsequent events, the interviews are interesting because it isn’t often that the two most important members of the ministry or shadow ministry appear together in this format.

In this case, Hawke would win the election but be overthrown by Keating in December 1991. The defeated Peacock stood down and Hewson became leader, before going on to lose the 1993 election against Keating. Hawke left parliament in 1992, Peacock in 1994.

Note: Major additions to will be made over coming months. A systematic program of digitising old videotapes is underway, with the aim of ensuring that my entire collection of thousands of items is digitised before it’s too late.

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