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Dutton says Albanese Should Call an Election: “His Leadership is Terminal”

The Opposition Leader, Peter Dutton, has responded to the Prime Minister’s Press Club appearance today.

The rhetoric could charitably be described as over-the-top:

“Slippery slopes, terminal leadership, panic, reneging on commitments, whether he can ever be trusted again … Dunkley, a huge credibility problem, he should apologise, the press club was a ramble, Dunkley voters can have no trust that these tax cuts will survive another election, the advice of the Treasury and Reserve Bank is not accurate … To the people of Dunkley and the people of Australia generally, if this prime minister can look your neighbour in the eye and lie, you’re next .. He’s not a truthful person.”

Watch Dutton (11m):

The email below was sent via the Liberal Party’s email subscription list this afternoon:

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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