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Justice Michael Lee Finds Bruce Lehrmann Raped Brittany Higgins

Justice Michael Lee of the Federal Court has found that on the balance of probabilities Bruce Lehrmann raped Brittany Higgins.

In so finding, Lee found in favour of Network 10 and its truth defence. Lehrmann’s defamation claim has been rejected. Lee said: “Mr Lehrmann is not entitled to the vindication of his reputation. The respondents, however, are entitled to vindication by the entry of judgment on the statement of claim.”

Lee went on to say: “But even though the respondents have legally justified their imputation of rape, this does not mean their conduct was justified in any broader or colloquial sense. The contemporaneous documents and the broadcast itself demonstrate the allegation of rape was the minor theme, and the allegation of cover-up was the major motif.”

Channel 10 News (3m):

Watch Justice Michael Lee read a summary of his decision (161m):

Read Justice Lee’s decision:

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