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About is the work of Malcolm Farnsworth. In a previous, long-dead, life, I was a teacher.

It began as a site for students of the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) Political Studies course and originally appeared as in 1995. I acquired the domain in 2001.

Over time, the site has developed into an eclectic archive of documents, speeches, data and assorted information, including audio files of significant events.

The “old” site remains in its original form, using static pages. These are being migrated to the WordPress format over time.

I am also responsible for and

The site is what it is. I have never claimed it is complete or comprehensive in any way. I make no promises and give no undertakings to provide any particular material. It simply reflects things I am interested in or think important or useful. The site has developed over the years as a labour of love. It works because I have no obligation to anyone to do anything at any particular time. I add material when I have time, motivation or inclination.

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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