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1982 Video Flashback: Fraser Challenged by Peacock; Cain Labor Government Takes Office in Victoria

This video is a recording of the ABC News in Melbourne on Thursday, April 8, 1982.

On that day, Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, in office for 6 years and 5 months, beat off a challenge from his former Foreign Minister, Andrew Peacock. Fraser defeated Peacock by 54 votes to 27 in the Liberal partyroom. Treasurer John Howard was chosen as deputy leader, replacing Phillip Lynch.

The challenge to Fraser had been brewing for some time but was brought to a head by the defeat of the 27-year-old Liberal government in Victoria on April 3. On this day, the John Cain ministry was sworn into office, the first Labor government since John Cain snr in 1955.

Watch the news item (8m):

The First of the Palace Letters, the companion site to AustralianPolitics, has just published another of the Palace Letters from the Whitlam government’s time in office.

A developing series, each letter will be progressively published with annotations and explanations.

The first letter from Sir Martin Charteris, the Queen’s private secretary, was sent to Sir John Kerr, the newly-appointed Governor-General of Australia, on September 2, 1974. It was in reply to Kerr’s first letter of August 15, 1974.

Charteris letter
Malcolm Farnsworth
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