Another Good Definition Of Politics

Politics, as a practice, whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organization of hatreds.

– Henry Adams, historian and teacher (1838-1918)

GreenPeace Activist Colin Russell Arrives Home After Russian Detention

Colin Russell, the Greenpeace activist detained in Russia since September, has arrived home in Hobart.


Russell was one of the Arctic 30 who were arrested during a protest against oil drilling by the Russian energy company Gazprom. [Read more…]

Eulogy For The Ages: Obama’s Soaring Rhetoric At Mandela’s Memorial Service

In Johannesburg today, President Barack Obama has received a tumultuous reception and delivered a stunningly powerful eulogy in honour of Nelson Mandela.


Obama told a large crowd at a packed stadium in Johannesburg that it was “a singular honour” to be with them “to celebrate a life like no other”.

“The world thanks you for sharing Nelson Mandela with us,” Obama told the South African people. “His struggle was your struggle. His triumph was your triumph. Your dignity and your democracy is his cherished legacy.”

Invoking the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Obama described Mandela as the “last great liberator of the twentieth century”. He said Mandela, like Lincoln, held his nation together when it might have broken apart. [Read more…]

Education Ministers Speak Out On Pyne’s School Funding Announcement

Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s state counterparts have criticised Pyne’s decision to pull out of the Gillard government’s Gonski school funding agreements.

The ministers spoke to the media after meeting with Pyne today. They included NSW minister Adrian Piccoli who has led the criticism of Pyne. The Australian Education Union’s Angelos Gavrielatos and parents’ organisations also weighed in on the announcement. [Read more…]