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ABC 2004 Election Coverage Review Released

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has released a review of its 2004 election coverage.

In a statement releasing the report by Murray Green, the ABC says: “The ABC covered the Federal Election on television, radio and online with some 170 separate editorial teams in capital cities and in regional and rural Australia. These teams range from sole reporters in remote locations to the editorial staff of ABC local radio in capital cities, to national teams, in programs such as the 7.30 Report, as well as online journalists for Covering a federal election is the most extensive single editorial project undertaken by the ABC.” [Read more…]

Report On ABC Coverage Of The 2004 Federal Election

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has released a report on its coverage of the 2004 Federal Election.

The Chairman of the Election Coverage Review Committee, Murray Green, said: “It was unprecedented, to my knowledge in ABC federal election coverage that, for the 2004 campaign, no written complaints were received from the campaign headquarters of any party.”

The report says the ABC received 993 complaints from listeners and viewers, compared to 1542 in the 2001 election.

2004 Primary Vote Winners, Preference Vote Losers

There were 8 seats in the 2004 federal election where the primary vote leader was defeated after the full distribution of preferences.

In all 8 seats, the coalition candidate led on primary votes but the seat was won by the ALP after preferences.

Primary Leads Overturned After Preference Distribution
House of Representatives – 2004
No. State Division Incumbent Leader Primary % Successful Candidate Primary % Two-Party %
NSW Parramatta Ross Cameron (LP) Ross Cameron (LP)
Julie Owens (ALP)
NSW Richmond Larry Anthony (NP) Larry Anthony (NP)
Justine Elliot (ALP)
SA Adelaide Trish Worth (LP) Trish Worth (LP)
Kate Ellis (ALP)
SA Hindmarsh Christine Gallus (LP)
Simon Birmingham (LP)
Steve Georganas (ALP)
VIC Bendigo Steve Gibbons (ALP) Kevin Gibbins (LP)
Steve Gibbons (ALP)
VIC Melbourne Ports Michael Danby (ALP David Southwick (LP)
Michael Danby (ALP)
WA Cowan Graham Edwards (ALP) Luke Simpkins (LP)
Graham Edwards (ALP)
WA Swan Kim Wilkie (ALP) Peter Murfin (LP)
Kim Wilkie (ALP)

These statistics show the full force of the preferential voting system. For example, Justine Elliot won Richmond, despite polling only 35.60% of the primary vote, because she gained the majority of second preferences from the minor candidates.

Overall, there were 61 electorates (40.6%) of the 150 where preference distribution was required to obtain a winner in 2004.

Steve Fielding, Family First Senator-Elect, Addresses National Press Club

Steve Fielding, the Family First senator-elect from Victoria, has addressed the National Press Club, in Canberra.

Fielding was elected last month at the federal election. His term begins next July 1.

The National Chairman of Family First, Peter Harris, also appeared at the Press Club and spoke about the organisational side of the party. [Read more…]

Louise Markus (Lib-Greenway) – Maiden Speech

The first member of the 41st parliament elected in 2004 to deliver what used to be known as a “maiden speech” was Louise Markus, the new Liberal member for Greenway.

Markus won the seat following the retirement of the Labor member, Frank Mossfield. She defeated the Labor candidate, Ed Husic. [Read more…]

Steve Georganas (ALP-Hindmarsh) – Maiden Speech

This is the first speech to the House of Representatives from Steve Georganas, the newly-elected Labor member for the South Australian electorate of Hindmarsh.

Hindmarsh is an inner western seat in Adelaide. Georganas defeated Christine Gallus, who had held the seat for the Liberal Party since 1993. His margin was 108 votes, a margin of 0.06%.

Georganas, 45, was most recently an advisor to the South Australian state minister Jay Weatherill. He contested the seat in 1998 and again in 2001.

Hansard transcript of maiden speech by Steve Georganas, ALP member for Hindmarsh.

The SPEAKER—Order! Before I call the honourable member for Hindmarsh, I remind honourable members that this is his first speech. I therefore ask that the House extend to him the usual courtesies.

Mr GEORGANAS (11:17 AM) —I would like to begin by congratulating the new Speaker of the House, the member for Wannon. Obviously the job of Speaker is very important, and I congratulate him on his position. It is an absolute privilege to be here and I would like to thank those in the electorate of Hindmarsh who decided to place their trust in me to be their local federal member of parliament. They have put me here and they will no doubt decide how long I stay here. I have been humbled by the words of support that I have received from members of the public. [Read more…]

Governor-General’s Address Opening The 41st Parliament

The Governor-General, Michael Jeffery, has officially opened the 41st Parliament following the elections of October 9, 2004.

The Governor-General’s speech is written by the government of the day and read to a joint meeting of members of both houses in the Senate chamber.

It is the culmination of a day of pomp and ceremony during which members are sworn in and the Speaker of the House of Representatives is chosen. The day ends with a 21-gun salute. [Read more…]