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Ari Sharp – Kooyong Democrats Leaflet – 2001

This is an election distributed by Ari Sharp in the federal electorate of Kooyong during the 2001 election.

Sharp was the Australian Democrats candidate in the election. [Read more…]

David Kemp Leaflet – 2001 Federal Election

This electon leaflet from David Kemp, the Liberal member for Goldstein, was letterboxed on or around October 5, 2001, at the start of the federal election campaign.

Kemp became the member for Goldstein in 1990. He was re-elected in 2001 to his fifth term. He retired at the 2004 election. [Read more…]

Bob Charles (Lib-La Trobe) Campaign Leaflet: 1998 Federal Election

This is a campaign leaflet distributed by Bob Charles, Liberal member for La Trobe, at the 1998 federal election.

Charles, who was born in Kentucky in the United States, won the seat in 1990 and held it until the 2004 election.

Following his retirement, Charles was appointed Consul-General in Chicago. He died in 2016, aged 79. [Read more…]

Peter Costello Higgins Election Leaflets – 1998 Federal Election

This is an election leaflet and a card issued by Peter Costello during the 1998 federal election.

Costello was first elected in 1990 to the safe Melbourne electorate of Higgins. He was standing for a fourth term, this time as Treasurer in the Howard government, a position he had held since March 1996.

The election is best known for the government’s tax reform package, including the introduction of a 10% Goods and Services Tax. Following the election, Costello would go on to oversee the implementation of the GST in 2000. [Read more…]