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Malcolm Fraser’s Whitlam Oration

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser has delivered the 2012 Whitlam Oration to the Whitlam Institute in Sydney.

Malcolm Fraser

Nearly thirty-seven years after the Fraser-led coalition parties blocked the Budget and Sir John Kerr dismissed the Whitlam government, Fraser remarked that in the 1970s “few people would have believed that Malcolm Fraser would be delivering a Gough Whitlam oration”. [Read more…]

Gillard: Afghanistan Troops Will Be Brought Home During 2013-14

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has indicated an exit strategy for Australian troops in Afghanistan which could see most of them brought home during 2013-14.

Julia GillardIn a speech to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), Gillard said a summit in Chicago next month would see progress on a withdrawal timetable.

“It’s likely that by the middle of next year, mid-2013, the fifth and final tranche of districts and provinces will have commenced transition,” she said.

Gillard continued to assert that the Afghanistan mission is in Australia’s national interest. She claimed “transition” is already happening. [Read more…]

Obama Gives It A Burl At Parliamentary Reception

President Obama has been welcomed to Australia, ahead of his address both houses of the parliament tomorrow morning.

At a reception in the Great Hall, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott spoke warmly of the US-Australian relationship. Obama responded with a humorous speech about language differences between the two countries. Giving it a burl, he said the relationship is in top nick. [Read more…]

Obama And Gillard Hold Joint Press Conference In Canberra

President Obama and Prime Minister Gillard have held a joint press conference in Canberra at which they announced new US troop deployments to the Northern Territory.

Obama and Gillard at Canberra press conference


Obama welcomed “a rising, peaceful China” and said China’s rise came with responsibilities such as helping to underwrite rules for economic growth. He said that China and India need to do their share of fighting climate change. [Read more…]

Obama’s Message To Australia

President Barack Obama has signed the Visitors Book in Parliament House.

Obama’s message read:

“To the People of Australia, with whom we have stood together for a century of progress and sacrifice. On this 60th anniversary of our alliance, we resolve that our bonds will never be broken, and our friendship will last for all time. Barack Obama.”

Obama's message in the Visitors Book at Parliament House

President Barack Obama Arrives In Canberra

United States President Barack Obama touched down in Canberra at 3.09pm this afternoon.

He was greeted by Governor-General Quentin Bryce, Prime Minister Julia Gillard and other officials at Canberra airport. Obama and Gillard are due to hold a press conference at 6pm.

Shortly after his arrival, Obama was welcomed at the Australian Parliament:

Julia Gillard’s Address to the Joint Meeting of the US Congress

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has delivered a 35 minute speech to a joint meeting of the United States Congress. [Read more…]

Julia Gillard and Barack Obama at Wakefield High

The Age Publishes WikiLeaks Cables From US Embassy

The Age newspaper has just published the US embassy cables released to Fairfax by WikiLeaks.

This is the full text: [Read more…]

Hillary Clinton With Hamish and Andy

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared on The 7PM Project on November 8.

Mrs. Clinton is in Melbourne for the latest round of AUSMIN talks.