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Watch Out For That Secret Sect Of Corrupt District Nurses

The contents of this page came my way via email in 2001. I cannot vouch for its accuracy.

This is a genuine letter which appeared in the Bristol Evening News at the beginning of the month. Please do take the time to read it. It is clearly a work of genius and simply put, the writer should be knighted…

Dear Sir,

It has long been my belief that you should only be allowed to protest in public if you pay income tax. And you should only be allowed to vote at the ballot box if you own property. Sensible policies,both. And tested in time, too. If only Mr. Blair had thought to bring about these simple changes in the law, he would have avoided last week’s double embarrassment of Red Ken’s election and the rioting soap-dodgers. [Read more…]

Satire: Welcome To ReithCard

The controversy over his son’s use of his ministerial phone card in 2000 caused the Howard government minister Peter Reith to be attacked and ridiculed.

Reith was not sacked for the misuse of his phone card but he did repay $50,000.

Reith had been Minister for Workplace Relations since the Howard government took office in 1996. In January 2001, Reith became Minister for Defence. He retired from politics at the 2001 election, although his role in the Children Overboard affair during the election campaign ensured that he remained a controversial figure. [Read more…]

Monica Lewinsky (Gerry Connolly) At The AFL Grand Final Breakfast

This is the audio of comedian Gerry Connolly as Monica Lewinsky.

Connolly appeared at the AFL Grand Final Breakfast.

  • Listen to ‘Monica’ (3m)

Kennedy And Lincoln

Some interesting facts about Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. [Read more…]

Humour: Organisation Chart For Heaven

This is a diagram that came my way sometime in the 1990s.

Its provenance is unknown. [Read more…]

Humour: International Organisational Charts

This page came my way sometime in the 1990s.

Its provenance is unknown. [Read more…]

A Political Speech From David Frost

This is a clip of the British entertainer and interviewer, David Frost, satirising political speeches.

I can’t date the recording precisely but it was sometime in 1972, just prior to the Australian federal election that ended 23 years of coalition government. [Read more…]