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“We Have A Pope”: Argentinian Cardinal Bergoglio Will Be Pope Francis I

6.25am AEST – Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been elected Pope by the College of Cardinals. He will take the name Pope Francis I.

Bergoglio is 76 years old. He reportedly came second in the ballot to elect Pope Benedict XVI in 2005.


Bergoglio has been the Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

He is the first Jesuit to be Pope and the first non-European pope since the eighth century.

5.10am AEST – The conclave of Catholic cardinals has elected a new Pope. White smoke has billowed from the chimney at the Vatican.


An announcement of the identity of the Pope is expected soon.

Bells are tolling in Rome and people are rushing to St. Peter’s Square.

As His Papacy Ends, Benedict XVI Leaves Vatican For Castel Gandolfo

With just hours left in office, Pope Benedict XVI has left the Vatican and flown to the papal retreat at Castel Gandolfo.

The first Pope to retire in six centuries, Benedict was accorded the usual security and protocol of a Head of State as he departed the Vatican.

At 8pm local time the Swiss Guard will vacate their posts at Castel Gandolfo, the papal apartments will be sealed and Benedict’s papal ring will be smashed.

The process of convening the Conclave that will elect Benedict’s replacement will begin tomorrow.



Benedict [Read more…]

Governor-General Comments On The Death Of Pope John Paul II

The Governor-General, Michael Jeffery, has paid tribute to Pope John Paul II, who died on April 2.

John Paul II was elected Pope on October 16, 1978. At his death, he was the second-longest serving Pope in modern history, serving for 26 years, five months and seventeen days. [Read more…]

Archbishop George Pell’s Statutory Declaration

This is the statutory declaration issued by the Catholic Archibishop of Sydney, George Pell.

Archbishop George Pell

The declaration responds to allegations regarding a former priest of the Ballarat Diocese, Gerald Ridsdale, aired on Channel 9’s Sixty Minutes program. [Read more…]

3LO 6.00pm ABC Radio News – Nov 28, 1986

It’s always a delight to come across complete news bulletins from decades past.

Even though I have a massive collection of audio and video items from the period, I wish I’d more systematically recorded news bulletins. They provide a snapshot into a period of time.

This news broadcast was at 6pm on radio 3LO (now 774, ABC Melbourne) on Friday, November 28, 1986.

It contains stories on:

  • a controversy over Treasurer Paul Keating’s late submission of his tax returns;
  • a report of Pope John Paul I addressing a Melbourne crowd of 200,000 people on science not becoming a “false idol”;
  • a report of a defection from East Germany by surfing across the Baltic Sea to Denmark;
  • Industry Minister Senator John Button on protection levels in the textiles industry;
  • Defence Minister Kim Beazley abandons the building of a defence training facility in Cobar, NSW; and
  • England was off to a flying start in the second Test against Australia.

The broadcast leads into that night’s edition of PM. I have left in the opening bars of the PM theme.

Listen to the broadcast (6m):