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Anglican Church Report On Sex Abuse

This is the Anglican Church Report on Sex Abuse.

The report is from the Board of Inquiry Into Past Handling of Complaints of Sexual Abuse in the Anglican Church Diocese of Brisbane.

The Board of Inquiry consisted of Peter O’Callaghan QC and Professor Freda Briggs. [Read more…]

Hollingworth Issues Another Statement Responding To Allegations

The Governor-General, Dr. Peter Hollingworth, has issued a second written statement in response to allegations about his handling of sex abuse cases whilst he was Archbishop of Brisbane.

HollingworthThe statement follows new charges on Channel 9’s Sunday program that Hollingworth did not respond appropriately to ongoing allegations about a Queensland priest.

Late today, the Official Secretary of the Governor-General issued the following statement:

Statement from the Governor-General.

“The Governor-General has viewed today’s edition of the Sunday program and does not believe that it raised any substantive issues that were not addressed in his previous statements. [Read more…]

Crean: Howard Should Advise The Queen To Terminate Hollingworth’s Appointment

The Federal Opposition Leader, Simon Crean, has called upon the Prime Minister to advise the Queen to terminate the Governor-General’s appointment.

Crean’s call for Dr. Hollingworth to be removed from his post represents a serious moment in the controversy over child sexual abuse that has been swirling around the Governor-General. [Read more…]

Governor-General Peter Hollingworth’s Statement And Apology Regarding Handling Of Child Sex Abuse Allegations

Governor-General Peter Hollingworth has given a statement and apology over his handling of child sex abuse allegations during his time as Archbishop of Brisbane.

Hollingworth gave an extraordinary doorstop interview at the gates of Government House, the Governor-General’s official residence in Yarralumla, Canberra. [Read more…]

Howard Confronts Crises Over Children Overboard And Governor-General

An unprecedented political crisis confronts the Federal Government on two fronts today, threatening to severely damage its political effectiveness and hasten the departure of the Prime Minister, John Howard.

HowardThe Governor-General, Peter Hollingworth, leaves today for a three-day official visit to New Zealand, leaving behind him an ongoing controversy over his handling of child sex abuse allegations in the Brisbane Anglican church diocese. There are now widespread calls for Hollingworth’s resignation. It is difficult to see how he can survive much longer, but John Howard faces an exquisite dilemma in that he probably does not want to be the first prime minister to dismiss a governor-general.

The more damaging problem for the government is the revelation by Air Marshal Angus Houston, the Acting Head of the Defence Force, to the Senate Estimates Committee that former Defence Minister Peter Reith was told on November 7 that there was uncertainty about the children overboard allegations. [Read more…]

Sexual Abuse: Statement By The Governor-General

The Governor-General, Dr. Peter Hollingworth, has released a statement on sexual abuse allegations in the archdiocese of Brisbane.

Text of statement by the Governor-General.

Sexual abuse of children is totally abhorrent to me, and always has been. I believe it to be one of the most repugnant and serious of crimes. It can never be condoned or excused.

The community generally and more particularly those in positions of authority have a clear obligation to protect children from this vile activity and abuse of power. [Read more…]

Hollingworth Unlikely To Survive

There are fresh allegations in Brisbane’s Courier-Mail this morning that Dr. Peter Hollingworth “endorsed a secret cash settlement which hushed up direct evidence of sexual abuse perpetrated against boys at an Anglican Church private school in Brisbane.”

CourierThe allegations are the latest in a series of claims that the Governor-General either turned a blind eye or covered up claims of child sexual abuse during his time as Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane.

It is now difficult to see the Governor-General surviving in his position.

The political pressure on the government is growing, John Howard offered qualified support yesterday, and a number of practical timing considerations have emerged. Hollingworth is scheduled to fly to New Zealand tomorrow and the Queen arrives in Australia next week. The statement promised by Hollingworth in response to the allegations did not appear yesterday, but is due today. A vice-regal resignation seems more likely.

Toowoomba Preparatory School: Statement by Governor-General Peter Hollingworth

The Governor-General, Dr. Peter Hollingworth, has denied being involved in a cover-up of allegations of sexual abuse at the Toowoomba Preparatory School in 1990, when he was the Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane.

In a statement released today, Dr. Hollingworth says he had only an ex-officio role on the school council: “Naturally then, I had no involvement whatsoever in the normal conduct of the affairs of the School.” [Read more…]