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Iraq War: Daily Defence Briefing – Brigadier Mike Hannan

This is Brigadier Mike Hannan’s daily Defence Briefing on operations in the Middle East. [Read more…]

Iraq War: Daily Defence Briefing – Brigadier Mike Hannan

This is the daily Defence Briefing on operations in Iraq.

The briefing was given by Brigadier Mike Hannan.

  • Listen to Hannan (21m)

Transcript of Defence Briefing by Brigadier Mike Hannan.

BRIGADIER MIKE HANNAN: Good morning everyone, and welcome again to our regular update on operations in the Middle East.

Again I am happy to report that all our people engaged in operations in the Middle East have continued their missions over the past 24 hours without significant incident or loss, and they are all well. [Read more…]

Operation Falconer: Defence Department Daily Briefing

This is the transcript of the Daily Media Briefing conducted by the Australian Defence Force in Canberra.

The briefing on Australian operations in the Middle East was conducted by Brigadier Mike Hannan and Air Marshal Angus Houston.

  • Listen to the briefing (31m)

Transcript of Defence Force briefing.


Good morning everyone, and good morning to those of you watching this brief at home – welcome again to our regular update on our operations in the Middle East.

Before we start in detail, I would like to clarify two key points from yesterdays brief. Firstly, the HMAS ANZAC did not fire missiles whilst providing gunfire support, as detailed in some media reports. The ANZAC used its main armament, which is a 5″ Gun. [Read more…]

Iraq War: Daily Defence Briefing – Brigadier Mike Hannan

This is the Daily Defence Briefing from Brigadier Mike Hannan.

The briefing is on Operation Falcon, Australia’s military operation in Iraq. [Read more…]

ALP Proposes Office Of National Security

The ALP has proposed an Office of National Security to identify threats to Australia and direct Australia’s national security and intelligance effort.

The Leader of the Opposition, Simon Crean, says the national security policy established during the Cold War “is no longer equipped to meet the threat now posed to Australia by global terrorism”.

Text of a statement released by Simon Crean, Leader of the Opposition.

A Federal Labor Government will establish an Office of National Security to identify threats to Australia and direct Australia’s national security and intelligence effort.

The Office will be headed by a National Security Adviser who will report directly to the Prime Minister, and take direct responsibility for the co-ordination of all national security and intelligence information. [Read more…]

Simon Crean Queries John Anderson On Sacking Of Allan Hawke

Following the Federal Government’s termination of Allan Hawke as Secretary of the Defence Department, the Opposition Leader, Simon Crean, directed a question in the House of Representatives to the Acting Prime Minister, John Anderson.

Crean asked why the government has decided not to renew Dr. Hawke’s contract. Anderson did not provide a clear answer. [Read more…]

General Peter Cosgrove’s Address To The National Press Club

The Chief of the Australian Defence Force, General Peter Cosgrove, has conceded that “in retrospect” Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War of the 1960s “was not going to be successful”.

Cosgrove Addressing the National Press Club in Canberra, Cosgrove said: “It was simply not going to work, and therefore with 20/20 hindsight we probably shouldn’t have gone.”

Cosgrove did not acknowledge that the war was immoral in any way, claiming simply that “at the time I’m very clear that the majority of Australians thought we should be there, and it was only as a very widespread public reaction started to persuade the government of the day that it was, and the alternative government, that we shouldn’t be there, that the mood changed.”

Cosgrove ignored the strong body of opinion, including the then Labor Opposition, that had been opposed to the war at the time Australia’s commitment was announced by the Menzies Government. He said: “The men and women who were there of course performed magnificently, and I think, felt, a little abandoned by such a sharp swing in the public opinion which was never really about them, but was about the overall political reasons why we were there in the first place.” [Read more…]

Admiral Chris Barrie Lashes Suggestion Navy Allowed SIEVX Victims To Die

Admiral Chris Barrie, the retiring Chief of the Navy, lashes out at suggestions the Navy allowed people to die.

Detailed information and a comprehensive archive of documents is available at [Read more…]

Government Gives In-Principle Support to US First-Strike Policy

This is the text of an Address by the Minister for Defence, Senator Robert Hill, to the Defence And Strategic Studies Course at the Australian Defence College, Canberra.

Transcript of speech by Senator Robert Hill at the Australian Defence College.


Thank you for the opportunity to address the course today. I intend to keep my remarks short and relatively informal, because my aim is to provoke you a bit and to leave some time to answer any questions.

I know I am speaking to an international audience. Much of what I want to say will obviously reflect an Australian perspective, but one of my themes is that contemporary security challenges are inherently international and can only be resolved cooperatively. In that sense the composition of this course is very appropriate. [Read more…]

Cosgrove Appointed Chief Of Defence Force

In the aftermath of the “children overboard” affair, the government has announced a shake-up of the Australian Defence Force which promotes Lieutenant General Peter Cosgrove to Chief of the Defence Force and sees the departure of two key players in the ‘children overboard’ affair.

The Australian Defence Force is headed by a Chief from one either the Army, Navy or Air Force. Each of the services also has a Chief.

Cosgrove, who first came to public prominence for his role in leading the peace-keeping mission in East Timor, is currently Chief of Army. He is to be promoted to the rank of General and become Chief of the Defence Force. He replaces Admiral Chris Barrie, who is to retire. [Read more…]