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Tony Abbott Fights Fires Around Nowra

The Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, has delayed his annual holiday to join a crew from the Davidson Rural Fire Brigade that has been deployed to fight fires around Nowra.

In a media release, Abbott pointed out he has been a member of the Davidson Brigade for 12 years.

The National Party leader, Warren Truss, will be Acting Leader of the Opposition in Abbott’s absence.

  • Listen to Truss comment on the bushfires, Abbott & Peter Slipper (5m)


Text of a media release from the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott.

Statement from The Leader of the Opposition

Earlier this morning, a crew from the Davidson Rural Fire Brigade has been deployed to Nowra to assist with fires there.

As a consequence, I have delayed my annual holiday due to start tomorrow and for the next three days, subject to operational requirements, I will join this deployment.

I have been a member of the Davidson Brigade since 2000 and was Deputy Captain between 2008 and 2009.

During my absence, the Hon. Warren Truss MP will assume responsibility as Acting Leader of the Opposition. I thank Warren for his assistance. Tomorrow he will be visiting fire affected areas of Tasmania.

I urge all people living in areas facing fire risk at this time to monitor emergency messages carefully, activate their fire plans and stay safe.

Australian Fighting Spirit Shown In Canberra Fires: Howard

Following an inspection of the damage caused by yesterday’s bushfires in Canberra, the Prime Minister, John Howard, has commended the “great fighting spirit” of Australians.

Referring to assistance being provided in the nation’s capital today, Howard praised “the generosity of the people of Canberra and the people of Australia towards their fellow Australians who are in difficult circumstances.”

Howard also said that the loss of property, the intensity of the heat, and the suddenness of the firestorm is beyond the experience of Australians.

Transcript of the doorstop interview conducted by the Prime Minister, John Howard, in Canberra, following his inspection of the damage caused by yesterday’s firestorm.

Two Dead, 400 Homes Lost, As Canberra Burns; Disaster Not Yet Over

Daylight in Australia’s capital territory has revealed the full extent of the firestorm that struck yesterday.

Media outlets report this morning that 2 people are dead, 3 more are missing, and around 400 homes have been destroyed.

Canberra is ringed by fires to the north, west and south as the disaster continues to unfold.

Hot, windy and dry weather conditions threaten the nation’s capital with more devastation this Sunday.

The Prime Minister, John Howard, who chose to live in Sydney following his election in 1996, is cutting short his holiday to return to Canberra. The Governor-General, Peter Hollingworth, is also returning.
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