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Howard Announces Tax Breaks For Aged Workers

Prime Minister John Howard has announced a policy to provide tax breaks for mature age workers.

Howard said a re-elected coalition government would introduced a Mature Age Worker Tax Offset. The offset will be available to people over the age of 55 and will provide a maximum annual rebate of $500 on their earned income.

The offset would take effect from the start of the current 2004-05 financial year.

Howard said 750,000 mature age Australian workers would benefit from the initiative, at a cost of $1.039 billion. [Read more…]

Latham Launches ALP Taxation Policy: ‘Ease The Squeeze’

This is Opposition Leader Mark Latham’s press conference announcing the ALP’s Taxation policy for the federal election.

Latham said the policy aimed to reduce the burden on families and dubbed it a policy to “ease the squeeze”. [Read more…]

Howard Introduces Temporary Tax Levy To Pay For East Timor Commitment

The Howard government is to introduce a temporary tax levy to pay for Australia’s military commitment to East Timor.

In a statement to the House of Representatives today, Howard said the levy will only apply for 2000-01. It will be applied as an addition to the Medicare levy for taxpayers earning above $50,000 per annum.

The levy will be 0.5% for taxpayers earning between $50,000 and $100,000. It will be 1% for taxpayers earning above $100,000. [Read more…]

Kim Beazley Address On Taxation Reform And The GST

This is the text of Opposition Leader Kim Beazley’s Address to the Nation on Tax Reform.

The televised address was in response to an address by Prime Minister John Howard following his deal with the Australian Democrats on the Goods and Services Tax.

Beazley declared it was Labor policy to “roll back” the GST.

Text of Kim Beazley’s Address to the Nation on Tax Reform.

Opposition Leader Kim BeazleyMy friends, for the last two years, we as a nation have been bogged down in a debate about whether we should pay a new 10 per cent tax on just about everything.

The deal between the Government and the Democrats has produced this tax and we start paying it next year.

You know that we strongly disagree with them. The GST is a tax Australia doesn’t need, and Australians can’t afford. Let me briefly tell you why; what we intend to do about it; and then get on to the more important issues we face in the years ahead. [Read more…]

John Howard’s Address to the Nation on Tax Reform

This is the text of Prime Minister John Howard’s Address to the Nation on tax reform.

It follows the passage of the GST legislation through the Parliament.

Text of John Howard’s Address to the Nation on tax reform.

HowardGood evening. As Australians we have every reason to be very optimistic about the future. No country in the world has better prospects as we enter the new century.

We are a united, resourceful and talented people. Our economic strength as a country is undoubted as we now enjoy the strongest economic fundamentals in a generation.

We have:

  • the lowest unemployment rate in almost a decade;
  • the lowest number of unemployed teenagers looking for full-time work in over 20 years; and
  • the lowest levels of inflation and interest rates in around 30 years.

These strong economic results have not come about by accident. They are the result of sensible and practical reforms in earlier years including strong but fair decisions to return the budget to surplus and to remove the debt burden on future generations. [Read more…]

Howard Launches Goods And Services Tax Policy

Prime Minister John Howard launched the government’s tax package that features a Goods and Services Tax.

Howard held a press conference with Treasurer Peter Costello to explain the package to journalists.

  • Listen to Howard (3m)

Transcript of Prime Minister John Howard’s press conference.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the launch of the Government’s tax plan for Australia’s future. This is a very important day for the economic future of Australia. The plan that is being launched today represents the biggest single remake of the Australian taxation system since Federation. It involves some historic changes in relations between the Commonwealth and the States. It lays the groundwork for Australia going into the 21st century growing more strongly, generating more jobs and being able to compete more effectively on world markets. It also involves a very major remake of Australia’s social security system, which will do two very important things. [Read more…]