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Credit Where Credit Is Due

This advertisement appeared in The Age today.

Placed by the Victorian Women’s Trust and signed by Mary Crooks and Diana Batzias, the advertisement pays tribute to the work of the former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. [Read more…]

The Blue Tie Speech: Prime Minister’s Address To Women For Gillard

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has delivered a speech at the launch of Women for Gillard, in Sydney.


The group aims to emulate the Obama campaign by raising money in small amounts to support Gillard’s re-election. [Read more…]

International Women’s Day 2013


  • Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s International Women’s Day Message 2013:
  • Opposition Leader Tony Abbott speaks at an IWD Breakfast:


Eva Cox: Abbott A Confused, Conservative Sexist, But Not A Misogynist

At last, some sensible analysis of the misogyny and sexism “debate” that erupted during 2012.

This article by Eva Cox was originally published on The Conversation.

Tony Abbott: a confused, conservative sexist, but not a misogynist

By Eva Cox, University of Technology, Sydney

When Prime Minister Julia Gillard gave her now famous speech attacking Tony Abbott, millions of women around the world cheered.

Her denunciation echoed and fuelled their anger at being unfairly judged because they were women and missing out on what they believed was their dues.

Initially, Australian media and commentators and party strategists were caught short, falling back on masculinised biases that failed to recognise women’s genuine response to a carefully crafted, but heartfelt attack. However, once the strategists recognised their errors, both sides decided to elevate their version of the gender card to enhance their election chances.

Will this sudden interest in women by the political strategists either influence voters or the policy options on offer? If so, who will benefit? [Read more…]

Political History Made As Julia Gillard Becomes Australia’s First Woman Prime Minister

Julia Gillard has stepped into Australian political history as the nation’s 27th and first female Prime Minister.

Gillard was sworn in at Government House at 1pm by the Governor-General, Quentin Bryce. Treasurer Wayne Swan was sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister.


The ceremony took place following the pair’s unopposed election at the ALP Caucus meeting at 9am. Despite announcing last night that he would contest the ballot, the former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, chose not to run. [Read more…]

Gillard Elected ALP Leader Unopposed; Rudd Does Not Run; Swan New Deputy

Julia Gillard has been elected unopposed as leader of the ALP and will become Australia’s first female Prime Minister in a few hours.

Gillard was chosen at an ALP Caucus meeting in Canberra this morning. After accepting Gillard’s call for a leadership ballot last night, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd chose not to nominate when Caucus met. Reports suggest he would have been crushed in a contested ballot.

The member for Lalor will become Australia’s 27th prime minister. She will be the 12th person to serve as a Labor prime minister since 1901. She has been a member of parliament since 1998. [Read more…]

Biography Of Anna Bligh, ALP Premier Of Queensland

Anna Maria Bligh was sworn in as Premier of Queensland on 13 September 2007, following the resignation of Peter Beattie. She is the State’s first female Premier.

Anna Bligh, Premier of QueenslandMs Bligh was born in Warwick, Queensland, on 14 July 1960. She grew up on the Gold Coast, attending Catholic primary schools and Miami State High School, before completing the last six months of her schooling at Nowra State High School.

She was appointed Deputy Premier of Queensland in July 2005 – the same month she celebrated 10 years as Member for South Brisbane.

As Deputy Premier she was also Treasurer and Minister for Infrastructure, running the $33 billion Queensland State Budget and leading construction of the $9 billion South-East Queensland Water Grid. [Read more…]

McHugh Calls For More Women Justices On The High Court

There should be more female justices on the High Court of Australia, according to Justice Michael McHugh.

Addressing a dinner hosted by the Western Australian Law Society, McHugh said that despite many changes in recent years, “one thing that has not changed in the High Court is the small percentage of cases argued in the Court by female advocates. Some of the finest arguments that I have heard in nearly 16 years on the Court have come from women advocates. Indeed, given the small number of appearances by female advocates, superior arguments by women advocates are disproportionately high.”

Noting that he was facing imminent compulsory retirement at age 70, and that 4 Justices would retire over the next 4 years, McHugh said: “These retirements will present the federal government with a remarkable opportunity to ensure, to adapt the words of Chief Justice McLachlin, that the composition of the High Court approaches an accurate reflection of the place of women within the judiciary, within the legal profession, and within Australian society more generally.” [Read more…]

ALP Women Continue Fight For Equal Representation

The ALP Women’s Conference, meeting in Canberra over the weekend, has called for the ALP to achieve a target of 50% of women in internal party positions and in the various Federal, State and Territory Parliaments.

ALP Women MPs
Parliament % Women
Western Australia
South Australia
Source: Canberra Times, April 29, 2002

The ALP has previously adopted a policy of having 35% of women in safe and/or winnable seats.

Speakers at the conference drew attention to the disparity in female representation across the various Parliaments. South Australia and Queensland have the highest proportion of ALP women members, whilst Western Australia and New South Wales have the lowest proportion. (See table opposite.)

The debate over affirmative action in party pre-selections is a controversial one within the ALP. Critics argue that candidates should be chosen on their merits, whereas the former Victorian Premier, Joan Kirner, is reported today as saying: “Well, yes, they should be selected on merit, and what this does is give women an opportunity to demonstrate their merit. The competition should be about merit for everybody.” [Read more…]

Simon Crean: Address To ALP Women’s Conference

This is the text of an address by the Federal Opposition Leader, Simon Crean, to the ALP Women’s Conference in Canberra.

Address by Simon Crean to the ALP Women’s Conference.

CreanI’m delighted to be here today to acknowledge the women who make such a major contribution to our work, and to tell you how important I believe increasing the input of women is to our Party’s future success.

I’m convinced that greater input from the women of Australia is necessary if we are to modernize the Labor Party and win office at the next federal election.

I acknowledge the groundbreaking leaders who have shown the way – women like former state leaders Rosemary Follett, Joan Kirner and Carmen Lawrence, and the new Chief Minister for the Northern Territory, Clare Martin. [Read more…]