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Mitt Romney Chooses Paul Ryan As Vice-Presidential Running Mate

Mitt Romney and Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan have appeared together in Norfolk, Virginia, just hours after Romney confirmed he had chosen Ryan as his vice-presidential running mate.

Paul Ryan

Ryan, 40, has been a Republican congressman from Wisconsin since 1999. He is chairman of the House Budget Committee where he has encouraged his colleagues to adopt an uncompromising position on fiscal policy. [Read more…]

Rick Santorum Withdraws From Republican Presidential Contest

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum has announced his withdrawal from the Republican Party’s presidential nomination race. The announcement was made in Gettysburg, in Santorum’s home state of Pennsylvania, where he served as a senator for 12 years until his defeat in 2006.

Santorum made no mention of Mitt Romney and did not endorse him. His decision finally confirms that Romney will run against President Barack Obama in November’s general election.

  • Listen to Santorum’s withdrawal speech

Mitch Daniels Delivers Republican Response To State Of The Union

Mitch Daniels, the Governor of Indiana, has delivered the Republican Party response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address.

Governor Mitch Daniels

  • Listen to Daniels’ speech (12m)

Text of Governor Mitch Daniels’ Republican reponse to the State of the Union Address. [Read more…]

Wanna Bet? Mitt Romney’s $10,000 Offer To Rick Perry

Republican Party presidential candidate Mitt Romney has offered Texas Governor Rick Perry a $10,000 bet, during a televised debate in Des Moines, Iowa.

The offer caused a storm online. Many observers believe Romney drew unwelcome attention to his personal wealth and fuelled suggestions he is out of touch with the everyday situation of Americans.

Republican Response to State of the Union: Paul Ryan

This is the text of the response by Congressman Paul Ryan (Wisconsin 1st District) to the State of The Union Address. [Read more…]

John Boehner Becomes Speaker Of The US House Of Representatives

John Boehner has taken over as the new Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Boehner was introduced by Nancy Pelosi, the outgoing Democratic Speaker.

The new Speaker then addressed the House. [Read more…]

John McCain Claims The Republican Nomination; Huckabee Withdraws

Senator John McCain has claimed the Republican Party presidential nomination.

Mike Huckabee has withdrawn from the contest. [Read more…]

Mitt Romney Suspends Presidential Bid

Mitt Romney today suspended his campaign for the Republican Party nomination for President.

Romney’s poor showing in the Super Tuesday primaries had seen him lagging well behind Senator John McCain, who is now assured of the nomination. [Read more…]

Super Tuesday Election Speeches: Obama, Clinton, McCain, Huckabee, Romney

These are the main election night speeches from the 2008 Super Tuesday round of primaries.

The Democratic candidates are Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton.

The Republican candidates are Senator John McCain, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney. [Read more…]

John McCain’s Super Tuesday Speech