Full List Of United States Senators – 2016

This table shows the full list of United States senators, as of August 2016.

The 50 states have two senators each, for a total of 100. Senators serve 6-year terms, with one-third facing the electorate every two years.

The table below shows the number of senators in each class and their party affiliation. Class 3 was elected in 2010 and faces election this year, on the same day as the presidential election. Class 2 was elected in 2014 and faces election in 2020. Class 1 was elected in 2012 and faces election in 2018.

U.S. Senate Numbers 2016
Class Republicans Democrats Independents TOTAL
Class 1 – Election 2018
Class 2 – Election 2020
Class 3 – Election 2016

The Republicans currently control the Senate, with 54 members. The Democrats have 44 and there are two independents (including Bernie Sanders) who caucus with them. The Democrats need to win 5 extra seats at this year’s election to win control.

If Hillary Clinton becomes president, the Democrats can take control of the Senate with 4 gains and the casting vote of Vice-President Kaine, in his capacity as President of the Senate. [Read more…]

US Gubernatorial Contests – 2000

There are 11 contests for Governors’ mansions in the 2000 US mid-term elections.

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United States Governors – 2000

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