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Election Nominations: Three MPs Who Blundered Their Way Out Of Parliament

Nominations for the 2016 federal election close at noon today.

On such a day, I always give a thought to some famous examples of sitting MPs who forgot to nominate in time and ended up out of parliament.

It is all but impossible for a federal candidate for a political party to fail to nominate these days. Group nominations can be submitted by the parties on behalf of individual candidates two days before the final close of nominations.

2002 – Dr. Robert Dean

DeanDean, then 50, was the Liberal shadow treasurer in Victoria. He had been the Liberal member for Berwick since 1992, Following a redistribution, he nominated in the seat of Gembrook and claimed an enrolment address in Berwick, a property he had previously rented.

The Victorian Electoral Commission ruled he was ineligible to stand because he had been struck off the roll when the Commission established he was not living at the Berwick address.

Dean, in fact, lived in Hawthorn, some considerable distance from Gembrook. [Read more…]

Electoral Enrolment Closes 8.00pm Monday, May 23

The electoral rolls for the 2016 Federal Election close at 8.00pm this Monday, May 23.

New enrolments and change of details can no longer be made after this time.

It is estimated that around one million people, mainly under the age of 25, are not on the electoral roll.

Given the early announcement of this election, voters have had two weeks to get on the roll.

The advocacy group GetUp! has produced an amusing enrolment video, titled The conversation every 18 year old is avoiding!

  • Watch the GetUp! video (71s)
  • Listen to the ad (71s)

Excluding Citizens Of “Unsound Mind” From Voting

The Estimates Committee of the Senate today discussed the issue of excluding people of “unsound mind” from voting.

Questioning of Australian Electoral Commission officials was led by Victorian Greens Senator Janet Rice.

Section 93.8 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act says that enrolment will be denied to “a person who by reason of being of unsound minds, is incapable of understanding the nature and significance of enrolment and voting“. [Read more…]

Electoral Pocketbook – 2015

The Australian Electoral Commission has released its latest Electoral Pocketbook, containing the full results of the 2013 Federal Election.

The pocketbook also includes the results of the 2014 Western Australian Senate re-run election.

The pocketbook is shown below. It can be expanded and downloaded. [Read more…]

27 Enrolment Irregularities In Indi Referred To Federal Police

The Australian Electoral Commission has referred allegations against 27 electors in the Victorian division of Indi to the Federal Police.

The irregularities involve suggestions that the electors falsely declared they were eligible to enrol in Indi at the 2013 federal election. Some of the electors are thought to have been students in Melbourne and some are believed to be former residents who had moved away.

Indi was won by Cathy McGowan. She defeated the sitting Liberal member, Sophie Mirabella, by 439 votes. McGowan’s insurgent campaign surprised the Liberal Party, which had represented Indi since 1977. Mirabella held the seat for 4 terms from 2001. The seat had been held by Liberal and Country/Nationals members since 1931. [Read more…]

Young Australian Of The Year Urges Students To Enrol To Vote

The Australian Electoral Commission has released a new video advertisement urging young Australians to enrol to vote.

The advertisement features Akram Azimi, the 2013 Young Australian of the Year.


Enrol To Vote

The Australian Electoral Commission is urging people to go online and enrol to vote.

Online enrolment requires evidence of a person’s identity. A driver’s licence or Australian passport number can be used. Someone who is enrolled to vote can also confirm an individual’s identity.


[Read more…]

International Women’s Day 2013


  • Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s International Women’s Day Message 2013:
  • Opposition Leader Tony Abbott speaks at an IWD Breakfast:


Over 13.6 Million Australians Enrolled To Vote In 2007 Election

The Australian Electoral Commission has released figures showing that 13,645,073 Australians are enrolled to vote in this year’s federal election.

The 2007 figure compares with 13,021,230 who were enrolled at the close of rolls for the 2004 federal election, an increase of 623,843.

The table below shows a breakdown of the close of rolls figures by State/Territory and age.

State/Territory Age Close of Rolls Statistics for Federal Election 2007
18* 71,499 50,398 37,123 19,840 15,655 5,569 4,060 1,501 205,645
19 72,342 55,941 40,991 21,195 16,060 5,616 4,453 1,634 218,232
20-24 353,004 280,373 219,691 112,334 83,832 27,368 23,765 11,623 1,111,990
25-29 346,171 273,148 211,077 106,031 77,336 24,037 23,848 13,080 1,074,728
30-34 375,004 293,846 221,465 108,846 81,125 25,416 22,983 13,678 1,142,363
35-39 421,379 335,912 249,329 125,134 95,173 30,690 24,291 14,511 1,296,419
40-44 412,916 321,956 243,300 123,685 96,769 30,856 22,582 13,011 1,265,075
45-49 440,747 334,215 257,823 131,339 105,459 35,206 23,293 12,660 1,340,742
50-54 409,343 309,548 239,266 125,662 100,018 33,394 21,675 11,473 1,250,379
55-59 381,156 287,953 228,629 116,202 95,372 32,174 20,250 9,433 1,171,169
60-64 333,667 247,883 198,662 95,300 83,732 28,423 15,699 6,490 1,009,856
65-69 252,547 188,359 145,330 70,921 62,066 21,484 10,335 4,047 755,089
70+ 625,561 462,564 319,614 156,453 163,371 49,555 21,508 4,760 1,803,386
TOTAL 4,495,336 3,442,096 2,612,300 1,312,942 1,075,968 349,788 238,742 117,901 13,645,073

* includes 15,646 enrolled 17 year olds who will turn 18 by election day.

Source: Australian Electoral Commission

History Of The Indigenous Vote In Australia

This is a booklet from the Australian Electoral Commission on the history of the indigenous vote in Australia.

The booklet was published in 2006.