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High Court of Australia

The High Court of Australia is the most senior court in Australia.

Its role is to adjudicate on constitutional questions and disputes, including conflicts between state and federal governments. It also acts as the final court of appeal from all courts in all states and territories.

High Court of Australia

The Australian High Court is established under Section 71 of the Australian Constitution:

Australian Constitution – Section 71 – Judicial power and Courts

The judicial power of the Commonwealth shall be vested in a Federal Supreme Court, to be called the High Court of Australia, and in such other federal courts as the Parliament creates, and in such other courts as it invests with federal jurisdiction. The High Court shall consist of a Chief Justice, and so many other Justices, not less than two, as the Parliament prescribes.

The Court is the final arbiter of interpretation of the Australian Constitution, as well as the final court of appeal from all other Australian State and Federal courts.

The Court currently has 7 judges, headed by the Chief Justice, Robert French.

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