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Some women don't deserve to be elected
(but the choice of men is not so hot either!)

Media Release 27 September, 1998

WEL has taken the unusual step of strongly recommending that One Nation candidates, even the female ones, not be given preference over any of the major parties.

"We suggest they be put last because of their toxic effect on tolerance and justice for indigenous groups, sole female parents and certain immigrants," said Kathleen Swinbourne, spokesperson for the Women’s Electoral Lobby. "On the other hand, neither of the major parties does particularly WEL in their scores either."

WEL recommends that voters think seriously about their Senate vote and consider giving the Democrats and/or Greens their votes to ensure that these parties have some say.

The Labor Party is deemed by WEL to have improved on its performance in its last term in office but still has a long way to go. Regrettably the Coalition appears to be committed to policies which are likely to further strain the social fabric. "In cuts to services, and tax proposals, the net result of Coalition policies would be that many women and other disadvantaged groups will keep going backwards", Ms Swinbourne said.

The WEL Formguide shows the scores for the major parties ranging from 31% for the Coalition, to 57% for the ALP. The Leaders show a similar spread with Howard scoring 28% to Beazley’s 54%. WEL tried hard to find positive attributes for the Coalition and Mr Howard but this proved difficult.

The Democrats and Greens scored 70% and 65% respectively based on their future policies.

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