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Notes on Form Guide Part One

This is a guide prepared by WEL and other groups to assist voters in deciding to which of the major parties they will give their votes. We do recognise that many people will vote for minor parties before a major party when choosing their local member. We also realise that there may be some independents and/or minor parties elected, but the bulk of representatives in the Lower House will be from the two major parties.

In order to assess the minor parties who may hold the balance of power we have put out a Senate guide. This includes a guide to the party leaders in order to assist with formulating an opinion on the overall positions of the parties and their ideas about women.

So, the horses (parties) are out of the starting gates. They are coming around the first turn and heading for the straight. So here goes ... WEL’s form guide for the election campaign based on past performance as well as future prospects.

Your vote is very important. Use it wisely. You can still vote for the party of your choice and temper their policies with your Senate vote. Your Senate vote can give another party the ability to ensure that governments do not become elected dictatorships, able to implement their policies unchecked. No party has a mandate to implement every policy at will - we can all still have a say in what happens during a government’s term.

And remember - think WEL before voting!

For further information contact Helen Leonard - welaust@dynamite.com.au

Scoring on each area is determined as follows:

+4 Improves equity generally and assists women
+3 Good for women, does not diminish equity overall
+2 Has more positive features
+1 Has some positive features
0 Neutral little or no impact on women/equity
-1 Has some negative features
-2 Has more negative features
-3 Bad for women/equity
-4 Bad for equity overall, particularly targets women

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Page created 20 September 1998; last updated 28 September 1998