Tuesday December 07, 2021

Gore and Bush Meet In Final Election Debate

October 18, 2000

Former Governor Mel Carnahan - D-Missouri Al Gore and George W. Bush have met in Missouri in the last of three presidential election debates. Many commentators have judged the debate, held in front of an audience of swinging voters and involving questions from the floor, as the best of the three debates held during this year's election campaign.

The debate took place following news of the death of the Democratic Governor of Missouri, Mel Carnahan. The governor died in a plane crash that also took the life of his son. Carnahan was prevented by term limits legislation from running for a third term as governor and was campaigning instead for the Senate seat held by Republican John Ashcroft. The contest had been regarded as a close one, crucial to the Democratic Party's chances of winning back control of the Senate. It is now likely to be retained by the Republicans. In a bizarre twist, Carnahan's name will remain on the ballot paper. If he were to be elected, the Deputy Governor would be able to appoint a replacement.



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