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Presidential Election Outcome Still Uncertain

November 8, 2000

This is how the presidential election count unfolded on November 7, 2000. All times shown are Australian Eastern Daylight Saving time, November 8:

Al Gore Leading In Presidential Election

Vice-President Al Gore 1.15pm - Vice-President Al Gore has won the toss-up states of Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan and is now well-placed to win the presidential election.

As the polls close across the United States, Gore has a significant advantage over his Republican opponent, Governor George W. Bush of Texas.

Bush appears to have won Gore's home state of Tennessee.

Results are not yet in from the midwest states of Wisconsin and Minnesota, but these will be an indicator of Gore's progress in the coming hour.

32 of the 50 states have now reported their results, but the final outcome of the election cannot yet be definitely called.

1.40pm - Gore has added Minnesota to his Electoral College tally, putting him one step closer to the White House.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has created history by winning her race for election to the Senate from New York. This is the first time ever that a First Lady has been elected to Congress.

Gore Now Losing In Florida

2.00pm - Counting of results in Florida is now indicating that Gore may actually lose this state. All night the State has been ceded to Gore. Losing it will hinder the Vice-President's ability to win the election.

Presidential Election Now Hinges On 4 States - Bush Likely To Win

4.40pm - The presidential election is deadlocked with Al Gore holding 242 Electoral College votes to George W. Bush's 246. Final results from Florida (25), Wisconsin (11), Iowa (7) and Oregon (7) are still to be posted.

But the Texan governor is poised to win the presidency. He will do so if he wins Wisconsin, Iowa and Oregon. Florida then becomes irrelevant to the result. But Gore is presently slightly ahead in Iowa which means that in reality Bush will need Florida.

However, were Gore to win Wisconsin, Iowa and Oregon, he would still fall short of the required 270 votes and would need a win in Florida to stagger across the line.

A win in Florida thus becomes the key to the election. Earlier today, Florida was called by the American television networks as a Gore victory, but actual counting of votes saw Bush take a narrow lead. The lead has been narrowing throughout the counting and there are many absentee votes as yet uncounted, although about two-thirds of the outstanding votes are from solid Democratic areas such as Dade County.

Bush was won 49% of the vote nationwide, compared to 48% for Gore.

In other results:

  • Hillary Clinton has won election to the Senate, defeating Rick Lazio.
  • The Republicans have retained control of the House of Representatives
  • The Republicans are likely to retain control of the Senate, although the Democrats have defeated Rick Santorum in Minnesota, William Roth in Delaware, Bill McCollum in Florida and Slade Gorton in Washington. The Republican Party's George Allen has taken Virginia from Charles Robb and John Ensign has won Nevada.

George W. Bush Elected 43rd President of the United States

President-elect George W. Bush and his wife, Laura 6.20pm - American television networks have just declared the Texas Governor, George W. Bush, the next president of the United States.

The new president will be sworn into office at noon on January 20th, 2001. He will govern with a Republican Party controlled House of Representatives and Senate, the first time since 1954 that the Republican Party has controlled both the legislative and executive arms of government.

The Bush victory comes with the completion of counting of votes in Florida.

Victory in Florida gives Bush 271 Electoral College votes.

Bush is the son of George Bush, the 41st president, who was defeated by Bill Clinton in 1992 after one term. The only other father-son duo to have held the office were the second president, John Adams (1797-1801) and his son, John Qunicy Adams, the sixth president (1825-29). Click here for a full list of past presidents.

Election Sensation
Bush Election Still In Doubt; Gore Retracts Concession; Florida Margin Only 600 Votes

7.50pm - In a sensational development, Vice-President Al Gore has apparently retracted his concession in the presidential election following news that the margin in Florida may be less than 6000 votes and possibly as few as 600.

Large crowds are waiting in Nashville, Tennessee and Austin, Texas, for the candidates to address them. It is nearing 4am local time.

Unprecedented Developments In US Election
Gore Campaign Continues As Florida Recount Looms

8.15pm - The US Presidential election has been thrown into confusion following the announcement by William Daley, Campaign chairman for Al Gore, that the Democrat's campaign "continues".

Gore has retracted his concession of defeat following new figures in Florida. Reports vary, but it appears that Bush is now only about 1200 votes ahead of Gore. Some absentee votes have not yet been counted. Under Florida law, given the closeness of the result, an automatic recount now takes place.

American television networks have now adjusted their Electoral College tallies to show Bush on 246 and Gore on 243. Either man needs 270 votes to win.

Texan Governor Not Yet Claiming Victory
Bush Campaign Sitting Tight As Election Cliffhanger Drama Continues

8.40pm - Governor George W. Bush's campaign chairman, Don Evans, has said that they "hope and believe" that they have just elected the next President of the United States. In a brief and subdued statement, the Evans said they believed they would "prevail".

Crowds in Nashville, Tennessee, and Austin, Texas, have now dispersed without hearing from either Al Gore or George W. Bush.

Tonight's events are unprecedented in American electoral history. Victory in Florida will guarantee either man's election.

The recount is likely to trigger recounts in other States where the result is close, such as Wisconsin.

In other developments tonight, new figures indicate that Bush has now fallen behind Gore in the national vote.

Today's election also saw the election of a dead man to the Senate. Mel Carnahan, the Democratic Governor of Missouri, was killed in a plane crash a couple of weeks ago, but his name remained on the ballot paper. His widow has indicated that she will accept nomination to the Senate in the event of her late husband's election. In the contest for Governor of Missouri, the Democrats also prevailed, further easing Mrs. Carnahan's path.



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