Tuesday December 07, 2021

Humble St. Chad A Role Model For Bush And Gore?

December 5, 2000

St. Chad's, Lichfield, England A small church in central England that is named after St. Chad has seen an explosion of interest in its web-site in recent weeks, as a result of the US presidential election dispute in Florida.

St. Chad was elected Bishop of the Northumbrians in 665, after the Abbot of Ripon had gone missing. Two years later the abbot reappeared and in 669 the Archbishop of Canterbury, Theodore of Tarsus, declared his consecration invalid.

Chad voluntarily relinquished his position and, in a masterpiece of political spin, said, "I never thought myself worthy of it; but, though unworthy, in obedience submitted to undertake it."

The archbishop, apparently moved by Chad's humility, then made him bishop of Lichfield. Chad was renowned for walking everywhere, a gesture that signified not wanting to put himself above his parishioners. In 672 he died of the plague!

The church has provided information about the American election and the use of chads on its web-site.



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