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Republicans Appeal To U.S. Supreme Court To Stop Recounts

December 8, 2000

James Baker, Spokesman for the Bush Campaign 6.25pm - James Baker, the spokesman for the Bush campaign, has announced that the Republicans will appeal to the United States Supreme Court against the decision a few hours ago by the Florida Supreme Court that ordered immediate recounts in Florida.

Baker quoted from the dissenting opinion of the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court, arguing that the nation now faced a constitutional crisis and claiming that Bush had won the election.

Earlier, William Daley, Gore's campaign manager, said: "This decision is not just a victory for Al Gore and his millions of supporters. It is a victory for fairness and accountability and our democracy itself."

The Florida Legislature met today to set in train the process of appointing the state's 25 electors who are scheduled to meet in the Electoral College on December 18. A clash between the legislative and judicial arms in Florida is now a real likelihood.

In another development, Judge N. Sanders Sauls has recused himself from presiding over the recount ordered by the Supreme Court. It was Sauls' decision that was overturned in part by the Supreme Court.



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