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15 Candidates To Contest Aston By-Election; Preference Deals Crucial

June 16, 2001

Kieran Boland, ALP Candidate for Aston A field of 15 candidates will contest the Aston by-election on Bastille Day, July 14. Nominations closed on Thursday and the draw for positions on the ballot paper took place on Friday.

The Liberal candidate, Chris Pearce, has drawn second place behind Peter O'Loughlin, the candidate of the Lower Excise On Beer And Fuel Party, but who will appear on the ballot paper as an independent.

The ALP's candidate, Kieran Boland (pictured), has drawn the last position on the ballot paper.

Whilst it is generally believed that a donkey vote effect advantages the major party at the top of the ballot paper, in these days of greater electoral volatility and strategic voting by electors this is by no means certain.

The outcome in the Liberal-held electorate will depend to a large extent on the flow of preferences from the Australian Democrats and the Greens. The seat was held by Peter Nugent, who died on April 24, by a margin of 4.24%.



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