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ALP Objects To Liberal How-To-Vote Card

July 14, 2000

Liberal Party Aston How-To-Vote Card - click to enlarge The Liberal Party has come under attack from the ALP over its how-to-vote card issued in today's Aston by-election.

The Liberal Party ticket (pictured - click to enlarge) reprints a letter used during the campaign. The letter, from Transport Minister Peter Batchelor, was written in November 1999, one month after the Bracks government came to office. In it, the minister says "construction of the Scoresby Freeway will not occur during the next four years because no provision has been made for it in any current or past Government funding programs".

The Bracks government has since committed to constructing the freeway and has reached an agreement with the Federal government over funding. Private sector involvement in the project is still being sought.

The ALP believes the how-to-vote card is misleading. All how-to-vote cards have to be registered with the Australian Electoral Commission.

Polling booths in Aston today were festooned with Liberal Party banners saying "Labor will not build Scoresby".



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